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Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof


FOMAS Group is an industrial company, which produces forgings and seamless rolled rings made of steel and nonferrous alloys for different markets (Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, and General Industry). With six production sites in Italy and four abroad (USA, France, India and China) the Group counts on a workforce of about 1500 employees worldwide.

Its primary goal is to meet customer requirements in terms of technology, quality and timely deliveries. In fact, FOMAS Group provides to the customer, the highest level of knowledge in the field of materials and processes, accrued in 60 years of considerable activity in the most critical industrial sectors, at any production site.

For FOMAS Group forging is an art form, an ancient technique that should be bequeathed, and with this in mind, the company wanted to “form” an artist in the art of forging steel, to celebrate its 60 years.

However, art has been part of the Group for ages. The company has had a long-standing passion for plastic arts. Actually, in 2004, FOMAS (the parent company) offered the "Sun for Merate" sculpture to the eponymous town. A work by Giuseppe Spagnulo (the sculptor has been collaborating with FOMAS for a long time). It is now on display in the town’s central square, Piazza Italia. This is just one example of the synergy between FOMAS Group and art. Other important partnerships include those with Sean Shanahan and Nagasawa.

The Fomas Group also takes pride in its enduring partnership with the "La Marrana Arte Ambientale", an art foundation based in Montemarcello Park, where, in an area subjected to landscape constraints, stand as many as 35 installations created by some established artists as Kounellis, Kosuth, Spalletti, Mainolfi, Fabre, Fulton, Rantzer, Roccasalva, Losi, Airo, Vedovamazzei, Benedini, Mocellin as well as Pellegrini, Golba, Azuma and Campos-Pons. This is also thanks to the sponsorship that FOMAS Group has provided for years to the Foundation in such important initiatives.

The Subject

The subject At the heArt of Forging invites a reflection on the subject (“at the heart of the matter”), but can also be viewed as an introspective dimension that pushes us to have a passion for our own job, for our own art. Taking into account that art helps to "forge" life and build the future. Art offers an impetus for a positive vision, because it is a thrust to go beyond the "present".

The prize is aimed at making a sculptural work in carbon steel or low-alloy (max. two tons in weight and 5x3x5m in height) which promotes and highlights the potential of steel, its properties and declinations. The work will be carried out at the FOMAS S.p.a. plant (Fomas) in Osnago (Lecco).


Artists of all nationalities born between 1st January 1970 and 31st December 1985, resident in Europe during the contest period are eligible to take part in the competition. Participation is free.


The call to the contest At the heart of Forging provides the following prize for the winning artist:

  • A sum of € 5000 (eurofivethousand) - gross of withholding tax. This amount includes the granting of the rights stated in Section 10 and of travel expenses from the place of residence to Careof.

  • A 2-month residency at Careof in Milan (January-March 2016) for the artist, for a sum of € 1600, during which he/she will be introduced to the city’s artistic panorama, showing his/her work to professionals in Milan.

How to Apply

The following papers must be submitted through this page:

  1. Copy of identity card or a valid identity document;

  2. A Letter of Introduction and curriculum vitae. Required format: pdf. Languages: English, Italian;

  3. Presentation of project illustrating the idea to be realised (maximum 2000 characters including spaces and explanatory sketch).

Incomplete material, different from the stated requirements, will not be entertained. The documents received will not be returned.

All deliverables will be included in the Careof Archive. All contacts of artists participating in "At the heart of Forging" contest will be part of Careof and FOMAS mailing lists. FOMAS shall have the right to have a copy of all submitted portfolios.

Selection Committee

The material received, in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in Section 3 of this Notice, will be evaluated by the selection committee that will select the winning artist.

The Careof staff will identify ten candidates that will be evaluated by the selection committee consisting of 7 members: three from FOMAS Group; Martina Angelotti (Careof Artistic Director); Gianni Bolongaro (President of La Marrana Arte Ambientale); Jannis Kounellis (Artist) and Vincenzo De Bellis (Artistic Director Miart 2016).

Decisions will be taken by majority vote.

Selection by the Committee will be in two stages: during the first stage, three artists will be selected and they will be asked a one/two days spot visits to FOMAS premises, followed by a more detailed project comprising sketches, renderings and analysis.

Subsequently, the same Committee, will select the winner.
The reviews of the selection committee are final and irrevocable.


31st July 2015: commencement of Open Call;

30th September 2015, h 24: closing of Open Call;

From 1st to 20th October 2015: Selection of the three finalists and communication via e-mail;

From 1st to 15th November 2015: spot visits to FOMAS industry in Osnago (Lecco) and execution of the detailed project - the date of the inspection will be communicated by 20th October 2015;

From 16th to 29th November 2015: winner selection;

30th November 2015: winner announcement;

From 15th January 2016 to 15th March 2016: the winning artist will receive the support of Careof and FOMAS Group technicians to manufacture and manage the creation of the art work within the residency of Careof in Milan; he/she shall have the possibility, on prior arrangement, to access and make inspections in FOMAS factory;

Beginning April 2016: Presentation of the art work and press conference at Careof.