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Yuri Ancarani - San Siro

San Siro
diretto da Yuri Ancarani

24’, 1920x1080, Apple Pro-res, 25fps

"San Siro” is a film focused on the world of football. A silent gaze on the less visible aspects of the temple of this discipline: the San Siro Stadium in Milan. In contrast to what is usually filmed, the work focuses on the production of the show and the laborious preparation of a match where staff, engineers, directors, and workers become the unwitting protagonists of the story. They are like actors with their own precise choreography and also reveal the unimaginable 'behind-the-scenes' production made up of repeated gestures in a timeless dimension and simple actions – such as repainting the field lines, running the cables for the live television or inspecting each individual space. On the other side, the incredibly human football players approach the entrance to the giant arena. Ancarani offers a valuable example of artistic research about Italian society – in which football has always been the glue that holds them together – highlighting its transformations, lights and shadows.

The project had a further development thanks to the partnership of Rome’s MAXXI Museum – National Museum of XXI Century Arts – in Ancarani’s video production within the MAXXI Award 2014. 


Anatomy of a stadium. Cablers, porters, stewards, stewarts, groundsmen, TV technicians and fans make up the backstage of football's inexorable ritual, staging a hypnotic still life of rain and night mists as we approach our destination on the champions' bus.


Yuri Ancarani (Ravenna, 1972) is represented by Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin and by ZERO..., Milan.
He is an Italian video artist and filmmaker, and his works are the result of an ongoing fusion between documentary film and contemporary art that are often the outcome of a research aimed at exploring barely visible regions of everyday life – realities in which the artist enters in first person.
His works are exhibited in many national and international exhibitions and museums, including: Castello di Rivoli (Rivoli-Turin, Italy); Manifesta 12 (Palermo, Italy); Kunsthalle Basel (Basel, Switzerland); Art Basel Unlimited (Basel, Switzerland); 16° Quadriennale d’Arte - Altri tempi, altri miti, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome); 55° International Art Exhibition, The Encyclopedic Palace, Venice Biennale (Italy); Beursschouwburg (Brussels, Belgium); CAC, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève (Geneva, Switzerland); Centre Pompidou (Paris, France); Fondazione Sandretto, Re Rebaudengo (Turin); Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, California); AMACI, Museo del Novecento (Milan); MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo (Rome); R.Solomon Guggenheim Museum (New York, USA); Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France); RaebervonStenglin (Zurich, Switzerland); Stiftung Insel Hombroich (Neuss, Germany).


Produced by Careof, MAXXI- Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo, SKY Italia, STUDIO ANCARANI
Production Supervisor: Marta Bianchi
Sound design: Mirco Mencacci
Sound mixer: Paolo Benvenuti, Mirko Fabbri, Mirco Mencacci
Musiche originali: Lorenzo Senni, Wang Inc.