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c/o careof

Enrico Malatesta • No island but other connection

28.04.2017 — 30.04.2017

No Island but Other Connection è un progetto di ricerca di Enrico Malatesta la cui prima edizione è stata presentata a Santarcangelo dei Teatri - Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza (Santarcangelo di Romagna, Luglio 2016) e che qui a Careof - in occasione della nuova configurazione degli spazi dell’organizzazione nella Fabbrica del Vapore di Milano - si formalizza in un programma di workshops site-specific realizzati attraverso l’utilizzo del potenziale acustico degli spazi di lavoro e alcuni materiali forniti dallo stesso Malatesta.

L’intento è quello di presentare lo stato di ricerca dell’autore in modalità aperte e capaci di offrire ai partecipanti la possibilità di approfondire il comportamento sonico di tutto ciò che circonda lo spazio soggettivo di un ascoltatore.
Il suono, presentato come evento multiplo e partecipativo, diviene lo strumento con cui realizzare dispositivi evoluti di ascolto, pratica spaziale e interazione con la vitalità di materiali readymade.

La residenza presso Careof è utilizzata come momento di studio per Readymade Metal Book progetto di ricerca teorica e performativa dedicata ad oggetti readymade e alla possibilità di produrre zone autonome di connessione tra la vitalità dei materiali e ed essere umano attraverso il suono.

Readymade Metal Book sarà presentato in prima assoluta a maggio 2017 presso il Kunstenfestivaldearts, 'Before the Codes' di Bruxelles.

[credit: Jacopo Menzani]


Metal Book is the first of a series of metallic readymade objects that I have recently collected in Cesena in a warehouse of a scrap dealer (in the italian dialect in Romagna we say: e fèrvèc).

Through actual mountains of metallic waste I selected objects with an intense visual impact and, at the same time, the immediate possibility of use and reaction to the most simple impulses, creating impredictable conditions of movement and sound.
My interest in these object is in the way they occupy a confused position in the relation system between human being and utensil; indeed, each of these objects isn’t a defined area of evolution/corrosion compared to my perspective;

They are split and eroded to the point we cannot understand what was their first role in the relation system human being/necessity/tool but, at the same time, they are not sufficiently destroyed to be considered just waste or scraps.
Collecting some of these objects, I tried to gather a possibility: the possibility for them to define a trajectory different from the recycle destruction and release the potential to become agents capable of revealing a way of being "other" and placed in a liminal area for my perception and for the meaning given to me by the word "instrument". They are strangers and will remain so; their distance is inextinguishable.

The whole project has no limits and is even considered as a means of research and nourishment for thought: it focuses on the attempt to restore dignity to a world outside of myself, a world of non-human beings and their corruptive and generative process that is revealed through movement and sound.

Sound occupies a specific role: it is a consequence given by the permanence of a condition of movement and is always under construction through the relationship between me and the object in our reciprocal activities. Sound is the "real space" that I share with the object, it is our autonomous area of ​​connection.


10:30am - 12:30am

  • Listening session
  • Reading
  • Readymade #01 "Metal Book"

2pm - 5pm

  • Pratica Spaziale site-specific
  • Aural Architecture
  • Esercizio di ascolto azione sonora di Enrico Malatesta - Limite

10:30am - 12:30am

  • Listening session
  • Reading
  • Readymade #02

2pm - 5pm

  • Pratica Spaziale site-specific
  • materiali deformabili - spazi deformabili
  • Field Recording
  • Listening exercise and musical action by Enrico Malatesta - Superficie

10:30am - 12:30am

  • Listening session
  • Reading
  • Readymade #03

2m - 5pm

  • Pratica Spaziale site-specific
  • Risonanza e Decadimento del suono come possibilità di movimento
  • Listening exercise and sound action by Enrico Malatesta - Deriva


The listening experience develops, therefore, through workshops, informal performances and an exclusively performative moment. Each part of the project is linked to the intent of enhancing active listening, open to the relationship between space, sounds and the vitality of materials with the ultimate aim of increasing attention and perception of what acts outside the subject and produces possibilities for a future open to the relationship with sound.

The workshop, open to all interested parties, will take place on 28-29-30 April and will cost 100 euros with registration for the entire cycle, while 50 for the single day.


Enrico Malatesta (*1985)
Percussionist and indipendent researcher active in different experimental fields like sound art, music and performance; his practice explores the relation between sound, space and movement with a particular attention to the listening mode, to the afordances of instruments and to polyrhythm, understood as the definition of multiple information through an ecological and sustainable approach to the percussive instrument.

In research areas dedicated to sound experimentation, to electro-acoustic and improvisation music he has published audio material for the labels Entr'Acte (UK), Alku (ESP), Presto (IT), Second Sleep (I), Senufo Editions ( I), Weighter Recordings (USA), Consumer Waste (UK) and had the opportunity to present his work in festivals and special events throughout Italy, Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, among which are mentioned:
Terraforma Experimantal and Sustainable Music Festival | Milan (I), Santarcangelo dei Teatri - International Theater Festival in Piazza, Santarcangelo di Romagna (I) | Node Festival - Civic Planetarium of Modena, Modena (I) | Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg (DE) | Sound Disobedience Festival, Zavod Sploh, Ljubljana (SLO) | Crisalide Festival, Forlì (I) | Tempo Reale Festival, Limonaia of Villa Strozzi, Florence (I) | Villa Médicis ¬- Académie of France à Rome, Rome (I) | All Ears Festival, Oslo Domkirke, Oslo (NO) | Exploratorium - Konzertreihe Improvisation International, Berlin (DE) | IGNM -¬ Internationale Gesellschaft Neue Musik, Walcheturm, Zurich (CH) | Dotolimpic Festival, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul (KR) | Wendel! Open your door - South London Gallery & Southwark Park, London (UK) | Màntica Festival, Comandini Theater, Cesena (I) | Postaja Topolove - Topolò di Grimacco (I) | Festival Batteries IV, Geneva (CH) | Live Arts Week II, MAMbo museum of modern art in Bologna (I) | Romaeuropa Festival, Teatro Palladium, Rome (I) | Neue Musik in St.Rupercht - St.Rupercht Kirche Vienna (AT) | Festival Dènsites - Création & actiones culturelles, Fresnes en Woevre (FR) | 54th Venice Biennale ¬ Danish Pavilion, Island of San Servolo, Venice (I) | V: NM -Verein zur Förderung und Verbreitung Neuer Musik | Graz (AT), Review of Nuova Musica - Macerata (I) | Cable Festival | Nantes (F). | Hotel Pupik | St.Lorenzen Bei Scheifling, Schrattenberg (AT) | Q-¬o2 ¬ workspace for experimental music and sound art | Brussels (BE).

In the field of pedagogical research, since 2010 he has presented his work through workshops, lectures and site-¬specific interventions, collaborating with independent and institutional structures including:
Fondazione Pistoletto - Project UNIDEE, Santarcangelo dei Teatri - International Theater Festival in Piazza, Sapienza University of Rome, Polytechnic of Milan, O ', Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Conservatory of Music of Vicenza, IUAV University of Venice, Biblioteca Malatestiana of Cesena, Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Valdoca Theater, Santarcangelo dei Teatri - International Theater Festival in Piazza, Santarcangelo di Romagna (I).
Lecturer for A. 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017 of the course Planning Sound Spaces at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

The project Aliossi_workshops, bricolage and audio installations for kids was presented in various festivals and contexts dedicated to education, including Uovo Kids - Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, International Museum and Library of Music of Bologna, Teatro Grande of Brescia, Mantova Playground & Corraini Editions, Puerilia - Festival of Theatrical Childcare in Cesena, Bim! Microfestival of children's culture of Cesena.
Between 2007 and 2013 he worked as a stage musician for Teatro Valdoca and Mariangela Gualtieri
From 2015 he collaborates with Societas - Chiara Guidi.
Founder of Frequent and MU associations involved in organizing events, reviews and workshops dedicated to sound, experimental music and space practices, active in Milan and in the Romagna area.