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1 · 8 · 15 · 22 December 2018

h 18.30 - free entry

Casa Capra Casa Capra launches its new season with a special collaboration and invites Careof to compile a selection of film works from its own video archive that was created in 1987 and progressively became one of the most thorough and interesting observatories on Italian artistic productions in the field of moving images. 

During the course of four events across the month of December, a rich program of screenings will present various productions that range from the first artistic experimentations of the 70s, moving through the technological medium transformation (from analog to digital), to today. 

Within this selection, a chronological and authorial path highlights aspects, themes, and languages that characterized the various artistic approaches and interests during the last 50 years of history. 

1 DECEMBER / starting to experiment in the 70s and 80s 

Franco Vaccari, I cani lenti, 1971,

Paolo Gioli, Secondo il mio occhio di vetro, 1971

Ugo La Pietra, La Grande Occasione, 1974

Alberto Grifi, Parco Lambro, 1976

8 DECEMBER / Some protagonists of the 90s scene 

Michele Sambin, Autointervista, 1980

Correnti Magnetiche, Minima, 1985

Massimo Bartolini, Il frutto, 1990

Liliana Moro, La solida avventura, 1993

Enzo Umbaca, 87.90 MHZ in FM, 1993

Marcello Maloberti, Mario Collocchio, 1994

Grazia Toderi, Zuppa dell’eternità e luce improvvisa, 1994

Adrian Paci, Albanian Stories, 1997

Ottonella Mocellin, Storie d’italia, 1998

Adrian Paci, Believe me I’m an artist, 1999

Francesco Vezzoli, A love trilogy - self portrait with Marisa Berenson as edith, 1999

15 DECEMBER / The 2000s

Eva Marisaldi, Happ, 2002

Zimmerfrei, Memoria Esterna, 2006

Ra di Martino, La camera, 2006

Gianluca e Massimiliano de Serio, Zakaria, 2005

Meris Angioletti, Paradigma indiziario, 2009

Yuri Ancarani, Il capo, 2010

22 DECEMBER / Careof’s productions - Arte Visione

Luca Trevisani, Cerchio, 2015

Riccardo Giacconi, Lo scherzo, 2016

Martina Melilli, Mum, I’m sorry , 2017


Casa Capra is an independent exhibition space for research and artistic production in the Magrè neighborhood, in the city of Schio, immersed in the spaces of daily life: between the newsstand, a small corner shop and the town’s café. 

The location is far from being the most conventional: Casa Capra aims to find a new territory, a space mostly out of the ordinary art networks in the big cities, in order to tell new stories through the works of the artists that are a part of it. 



Careof's video archive

Created thanks to the will and passion of Careof’s founder (Mario Gorni) and continued over time as Careof grew, it acquired, in 2006, an important recognition from the Ministry of Culture which included it in the list of Historical Archives of national relevance. 

The Careof's video archive includes around seven thousand titles today: a trustworthy and privileged observatory for a complete overview of the production models and artistic research of the last few decades. Included in the catalog are artists' works ranging from the first experimental works of the 70s to the productions of the last few generations. In addition to that, there are documents of exhibitions, conferences, performances and international art events, including: Biennales, Manifesta, Documenta, Skulptur Projekte, enhanced by interviews with the main artists, critics, and curators.

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Casa Capra is an indipendent exhibition space of research and artistic production in Magrè di Ischio district immerse in some of the daily life places: between the newsstand, the supermarket and the town's bar.

The unconventional position aims at finding a different terrain, a space fundamentally outside the usual art circuits of the big cities, to tell new stories through the works of the artists themselves.



Careof Video Archive is born out from the passion of Careof's founder (Mario Gorni) and grown through the years, in 2006 obtains an important recognition by the Ministry of Art, which includes it among the Historical Archives of national relevance.

Careof's Video Archive now counts more than 7.000 titles: a reliable and priviledged monitor for a complete look over the production modes and artistic researches of the last years.
Many artists' works are preserved in its catalogue, starting from the first experimentations of the 70s to the latest generation's productions, plus documentation of exhibitions, conferences, performances and international artistic events among which are: Biennali, Manifesta, Documenta, Skulptur Projekte, enriched by interviews to the protagonists and the main artists, curators and critics.

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