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c/o careof

Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof

Les grasses matinées

Curated by Marta Cereda

31.03.2022 - 03.04.2022
9.30 – 12.30

Careof presents “Les grasses matinées”, a project on the purpose of idleness, the value of time, the right to do nothing, and the positive connotation of "otium”, that of an opportunity for creativity as opposed to inactivity.

From 31 March to 3 April 2022, from 9.30 to 12.30, four days will be devoted to the screening of materials selected among over 9,000 works that make up Careof’s Video Archive: more than fifty artists deal with contemplation, valorization of time, slowness, inactivity, and laziness. Presented during Milano Art Week, the event is the occasion to discuss the paradigms of efficiency, productivity, and industriousness, and indulge in the screenings over a cup of coffee.

“Les grasses matinées” is named after the French expression referring to the days in which one stays in bed until late and plays with the definition of "matinée” as a daytime movie screening or theater performance. The expression is highlighted by the exhibition display by Finemateria, which reinforces the contrast between the illusory rigidity of the volumes and the soft material of the seats.
The project is accompanied by a music background by Orchestra Futuro, who uses radical amateurishness as a weapon against the work ethic, and embodies alternative positions outside or beyond the capitalist imperatives to produce and reproduce. 

On show: Yuri Ancarani; Ziad Antar; Ruben Aubrecht; Marco Belfiore; Barbara Brugola; Chiara Camoni; Caterina Casciello Del Prete; Paolo Chiasera; Marco Chiodi; Andrea Contin; Heike Döscher; Drifters; Ivana Falconi; Emilio Fantin; Lara Favaretto; Maria Friberg; Chiara Fumai; Meri Gorni; Alice Guareschi; Alberto Guidato; Barbara Gurrieri and Emanuele Tumminelli; Andrea Jäger; Kristine Kemp; Dionisis Kavallieratos and Sifis Lykakis; Marcello Maloberti; Daniela Manzolli; Eva Marisaldi; Marzia Migliora; Sabrina Muzi; Bruno Muzzolini; Jacopo Natoli; Phill Niblock; Sandrine Nicoletta; Caterina Notte; Giovanni Oberti; Stefano W. Pasquini; Alberta Pellacani; Nira Pereg; Diego Perrone; Oliver Pietsch; Marco Raparelli; Stefano Romano; Antonio Rovaldi; Sissi; Cosimo Terlizzi; Bert Theis; Sophie Usunier; Franco Vaccari; Cesare Viel; Lior Waterman, Amit Levinger and Yarden Gat; Sislej Xhafa; Italo Zuffi.


Finemateria is a design studio interested in creating intense ideas, emotions, and memories thanks to and in relation to materials, their structure, and their characteristics. Founded by Gianluca Sigismondi and Stefano Bassan in 2020, Finemateria aims to tell stories through the visualization of processes, cultures, and materials. For its founders, forms are a materialization of ideas, whether it be products, research, exhibitions or spaces.


Orchestra Futuro is a project / methodology / educational practice which uses radically amateur music forms as a weapon against the work ethic, specialization, and professionalism. Orchestra Futuro wants to investigate the expressive possibilities of failure as a critique of the status quo and as an embodiment of a better future worth living. Since 2018, Orchestra Futuro has been run by Marcello Enea Newman and Federico Antonini.




Display: Finemateria
Background music: Orchestra Futuro
Graphic design: Alessio D'Ellena / Superness
Video editing: Valeria Corà
Photo: Diego Mayon