19 June 2024 10:33:29
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c/o careof

The artist Rebecca Moccia is the winner of ArteVisione 2022 with her “Ministries of Loneliness”. ArteVisione is the annual project launched by Careof in 2011 with the aim to support, produce and promote the most innovative studies in the field of moving image. All this, through an open call for artists under 40 born or currently living in Italy, a workshop with experts and the production of a video work. 

“Ministries of Loneliness” by Rebecca Moccia has been developed in different cultural and international contexts, like the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan and Italy. It is a research project that investigates loneliness and its politicization within the neoliberal society, starting from the experience of isolation and the dissolution of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The practical and symbolic starting point of the entire project is the Minister of Loneliness, a dicastery founded in Great Britain in 2018 to address the social and health problems related to loneliness. It was later replicated in Canada and Japan in 2021.

The jury of ArteVisione 2022 is composed of the artist Yuri Ancarani, the conservator of the Museo del ‘900 Iolanda Ratti and the director of the Artistica Viennale Eva Sangiorgi. It rewards Rebecca Moccia’s project “Ministries of Loneliness” because of “its ability to deal with a universal issue that questions the structure of our society and its values”. The core of the project is loneliness, investigated through different geographies communicating with each other, as it is a common and shared issue. The artist uses a documentary approach by overlapping different narrative levels not only through the editing and the mise en scène, but also through the direct comment of graphic notes with a frontal critical reflection. The jury underlines the coherence of film research with the previous work of the artist both in terms of form and content.”

In eleven years, ArteVisione has produced works of Yuri Ancarani, Francesco Bertocco, Fatima Bianchi (in progress), Giuseppe Fanizza, Riccardo Giacconi, Martina Melilli, Caterina Erica Shanta, Giulio Squillacciotti, The Cool Couple, Luca Trevisani and ZimmerFrei.
As in previous editions, Rebecca Moccia’s film work “Ministries of Loneliness” will also be produced by Careof, which thus confirms its commitment to supporting Italian artists, concretely backing their work and research in the field of moving image.

We would like to thank the artists who participated in ArteVisione LAB 2022: S()fia Braga, Anouk Chambaz, Teresa Cos, IOCOSE, Rebecca Moccia, Jacopo Rinaldi.

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