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Rebecca Moccia - Ministries of Loneliness

Ministries of Loneliness - Rebecca Moccia
Italy, Japan, UK, USA, 2023
UHD Video 16:9 - English, Italian - 17’

Developed in different international cultural contexts such as Great Britain, the United States, Japan and Italy, Rebecca Moccia's work 'Ministries of Loneliness' is a research project that investigates loneliness and its politicisation in neoliberal society starting from the experience of isolation and the dissolution of everyday life that occurred with the COVID-19 pandemic. The practical and symbolic starting point of the entire project is the Ministry of Loneliness, a dicastery established in the UK in 2018 to address social and health problems related to loneliness, later replicated in Canada and Japan in 2021.

Ministries of Loneliness is a three-channel video installation and a non-fiction single-channel film, produced by Careof with Fondazione ICA Milano, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture (Italian Council X) and Outset Partners.

The work was presented at the International Oberhausen Film Festival, Oberhausen, and was exhibited as part of the solo exhibition curated by Chiara Nuzzi at Fondazione ICA, Milan.

Ministries of Loneliness is a production created thanks to the ArtVisione project by Careof, edition 2022.

"Ministries of Loneliness" saw the publication of a volume published by Humboldt Books and Fondazione ICA Milano, realised with the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Mazzoleni, London - Turin.


Rebecca Moccia (b. 1992) is an Italian transdisciplinary artist. Her practice explores the materiality of perceptive and emotional states that can emerge from specific social and spatial characteristics. She realizes installations with different media described as “medial atmospheres” that surround the bodies, but also that traverse and interacts with them.
Creating situations that are placed in socio-cultural and psycho-physical contexts including specific temporal elements such as the temperature, seasonality, and past, Rebecca Moccia’s critical research investigates the neoliberal regime of visibility and the processes of anesthetization of the sensitive presence.

Rebecca Moccia’s works have been exhibited at Jupiter Woods (London), the Italian Cultural Institute (Brussels), Morra Greco Foundation (Naples), Mazzoleni (London-Turin), Museo Novecento (Florence), Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence), Antonio Ratti Foundation (Como), MACRO (Rome), Contemporary Art Museum of Villa Croce (Genoa), ENSBA (Lyon), Academiae Youth Art Biennale (Brixen), among others.

In 2021, she was the winner of the international research grant, promoted by the Ministry of Culture (DGCC) as part of the Italian Council X program.

Rebecca Moccia is one of the founding members of AWI – Art Workers Italia.


Ministries of Loneliness, 2023

Produced by Careof
In colaboration with Fondazione ICA MIlano
With the support of:
Italian Council
Regione Lombardia
MiC, Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea

Executive production: Marta Bianchi
Cinematography: Rebecca Moccia
Text by: Rebecca Moccia, Sara Moccia
Original Musica by: Renato Grieco
Voice: Sara Lazzaro
Editing: Ilenia Zincone
Color: Leonardo Masoero
Graphic Design: Davide Mancini
Sound Design: Massimo Filippini, Stefano Colonna
Computer-generated imagery: Paolo Giordano
English traslation and text editing: Giacomo Raffaelli
Japanese translation: Veronica Kanno