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c/o careof

Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof

Qui non si dorme mai - l'arte oltre l'orario di ufficio


dal 14 al 15.05.2016

dal 14 al 20.05.2016

Qui non si dorme mai è insieme esposizione e laboratorio. Un tempo prolungato oltre il ritmo di un sistema omologato. Uno spazio da abitare, arredare, osservare, vivere.

Il gruppo BAUBAUS organizza contesti per la fruizione partecipata dell’arte. Ventiquattro ore di attività dentro e fuori gli spazi espositivi di Careof e del DOCVA in cui il pubblico è invitato all’azione e alla condivisione.

Lo spazio espositivo è proposto come luogo domestico: sala da pranzo, salotto da thè, cucina, ripostiglio, stanza da letto per celebrare rituali di quotidianità conditi ad arte. L’archivio DOCVA si trasforma in villaggio aperto, in cui montare la tenda per trascorrervi la notte. In questi luoghi, occupati oltre l’orario d’ufficio e trasformati in spazi d’accoglienza per tutti, cenare e dormire diventano occasione e modo per incontrare e fare l’arte.

Nello spazio espositivo una selezione di lavori già nati e nascenti che rimarranno in esposizione fino al 20 maggio 2016.

Partecipano al progetto Mario Gorni e gli artisti Silvia Cini, Sabine Delafon, Giancarlo Norese, Antonio Guiotto (per Carrozzeria Margot), Wurmkos, L.A.M. (Laboratorio d’arte Marmellata), Dipartimento Educazione Fondazione Merz in collaborazione con il Progetto Forme in Bilico, Città di Torino.


Tea hour

Wurmkos / L.A.M. (Laboratorio d’arte Marmellata) / Dipartimento Educazione Fondazione Merz- Organize the "animal" project laboratory. The audience participates by sitting around the work table. Signs and shapes are kneaded in several hands, images emerge that belong to everyone.

BAUBAUS proposes a collective consultation of artist portfolios. The public in a group activity plays as a curator by presenting the work of one or more artists in a creative way. The works identified are proposed for the next video by CATERINA (project by Alessandro Nassiri).


Sabine Delafon – In some dishes where dinner is served, signs belonging to beggars are printed. Dinner is the circumstance for the question "am I hungry?"
"Ho Fame 'is actually a message, a human condition, shared by all: that it is food hunger, hunger for love, beauty, culture, travel, we are all hungry for something. "SD

After dinner

BAUBAUS after dinner proposes to the artists present to pose as models. The public will perform artist portraits. The artists who join will be honored with their portrait.

In front of the fireplace

Mario Gorni presents, in a warm narration of the end of the day, a video of the DOCVA archive, wishing good night.

In the night

The DOCVA turns into a camping area. During the night silent videos are shown outside the DOCVA windows. Selection by Mario Gorni.

The awakening

Upon awakening, absolute silence is respected. The first thing that everyone does is a drawing of their dream. Everyone decides whether to share it for breakfast or leave it in the privacy of their own secret notes.

Anyone who wants can share at breakfast time their own dream drawing.

9.30am/12 am
To Go and then come back

Starting from her latest research on spontaneous urban flora, the artist Silvia Cini will continue an itinerary that has developed in several phases of knowledge and investigation open to the public, through a laboratory created in Milan for the Baubaus group. Together we have already traveled through different stages, passing from Careof spaces, in a first phase of approach to the vision of Nature as a metaphor of the becoming society, through readings, dialogues and in-depth studies on the plant kingdom and the extraordinary world of orchids, up to the real space of nature. Through a journey of forty-eight hours - part by boat, part on the road - to reach the flowering of wild orchids on Mount Portofino. In proceeding we made an intermediate step to make the cracks bloom in the walls of the Kunsthalle Novi, through the action that the artist created by seeding snapdragons during her recent exhibition Lusus Naturae.
The second phase now planned will consist of "real districts in the city, moments of knowledge of the urban reality and its necklines in the reappropriation of the urban flora through a psychogeography of the wild." Silvia Cini will take us through the streets of the center in search of spontaneous orchids, a wonderful metaphor of persistence and resistance. "Because in them, the silent message of nature, I would say the silent scream of nature crystallizes in form and this that I sometimes perceive as zoomorphic other anthropomorphic, leaves me helpless to seek answers on the interrupted dialogue between kingdoms." S.C.

1pm/ 2.30pm
– The tour will end with lunch at the Nuova Viscontea restaurant: Mongolian social dish "Huo Guo" (Membership is free while seats are available and must be booked in the laboratory on Saturday 14th – Everyone pays for their own meal).


BAUBAUS is a research-action that, for six years, moves itself through an inductive dimension of experiential discovery through the active observation/reflection of a group using art languages as an investigation tool.
The main purpose is to widen the art public to include the inexperienced and the unskilled. Curiosity, interest and desire to partecipate have created and consolidated this research group that, in six years, through an always open and metacognitive approach, has succeeded in formulating hypotheses and questions by investigating possible answers to formulate circular plans of signifier and meaning.
With profitable results, considering the fact that the members of Baubaus are not art experts and do not have specific training: fact, the latter, which is not specifically requested.
BAUBAUS, in these years, has explored different enviroments, refining its methods and working strategies over time.
Since four years ago collaborates with the non-profit organization Careof in Milan, promoting in this space activities that look at a collective rereading of the artwork through the mediation of the drawing.
The artwork on show is the embassador of meanings that often remains concelead by different dynamics.
BAUBAUS takes over the task to intervene in the use of the artwork by proposing coherent contexts of collective listening. It follows the genesis of a different imagery, an urban thought of which Baubaus wants to take care.The group, led by the artist Patrizio Raso, is in this period composed by: Titti Brivio, Lidia Casti, Daniela Crosti, Marian De Rond, Filippo Fantini, Laura Ghinelli, Gabriella Gilli, Carolina Gozzini, Luciana Guidotti, Gonaria Morittu, Francesca Oggionni, Sonia Pasini, Lucia Salvan, Grazia Scarioni, Grazia Sgura.



Silvia Cini

Artist and curator, her works live in the dialogue, often personal, that she creates with the public. Her interests is focused frequently on the landscape, as a social metaphor, integrating enviromental audio installations and botanical research.
In 1994 creates in Milan with Salvatore Falci the AAVV group, collaborates with Cesare Pietroiusti for DisorsordinAzioni, il Gioco del Senso e Non Senso (XII Quadriennale di Roma), and the Oreste Group with whom she will partecipate at the 48^ Venice Biennale. In 1997 she curates the series of exhibitions Frame al Ferro di Cavallo in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, promoting and supporting the beginning of the art of relationship and public art in Italy.
She collaborates also with Carolyn Christov Bakargiev and Hans Hulrich Obrist at French Academy in Rome, Villa Medici.
The curatorial activity continues over the years (Invideo for the Milan Triennale, Icityperiferiche, Palazzo Re Enzo Bologna, Loggia della Mercanzia Genoa, Cartabianca, Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce Genoa, Cantieri Culturali della Zisa, Palermo), alongside the exhibition (Neon Gallery, Galleria Continua, Zero, Goldan Kauf) alternating solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2000 she receives the Atelier award from Fabio Mauri, at the GAM in Rome, now MACRO. The city of Genoa, during Genoa 2004 European Capital of Culture, awards her, through the Villa Croce Museum, the Duchess Galliera Award.

Sabine Delafon

French artist. Both living and working in Milan. Her work is mostly a research on identity, it develops itself in collective works and often materializes with the use of writing.

Giancarlo Norese

His artistic research has often been carried out in works that investigate the theme of fragility and acceptance, interstitial spaces, the contradictions of the landscape or the self-generated beauty of chance. It welcomes and supports a participatory art because, as he himself admits, "the ideas and capacity of an individual can be shared with anyone, against any monopoly of thought and language". For BAUBAUS he prepared the "group visit" to his Kunsthalle Novi, accepting the group's request and arranging a work / entrance ticket now on display.

Antonio Guiotto

Born in Padua in 1978, he works in the province of Padua, but always moves and distances himself willingly from the boredom of the Po Valley, to then return, because he is fundamentally nostalgic. And it is this chronic nostalgia, together with a certain curiosity and the idea that making art costs less than going to therapy, to characterize his work. It moves and moves between video and sculpture, but does not disdain silent actions, design, installations, always willingly uses photography and sculpture. It works by "series", very different from each other, passing between quotationism, pop, conceptual and applied graphics. Among the various exhibitions, perhaps noteworthy, there are: the 2003 Venice Biennale with the Artificial Reserve project led by Cesare Pietroiusti, up to 2016, with the exhibition goodbye goodbuy, Carrozzeria Margot's latest project, at the Pharmacy of the Wurmkos Foundation, everything in between can be found on the internet. Since it is not enough just to do art, for some years now he works with private companies, as a "creative consultant" and together with his girlfriend, he founded SA13, a project between art and design, (you can also find information on the internet about this). He made Gunny's motto his own: "improvise, adapt and achieve the goal", but he doesn't know how to use it.

Carrozzeria Margot

The name was invented by Cristina Spizzamiglio and Francesco Bertelé, who opened their living space by hosting various cultural activities, quickly becoming a reference point for Milanese underground artistic life. In September 2010 Francesco Bertelé started the production activity closely related to contemporary art, first with the collaboration of the curator Francesca Chiacchio and later with the collaboration of artist Jacopo Addini, and soon constituted what was called The Bodywork Collection Margot who then found her final name in Carrozzeria Margot, production house for contemporary art. Carrozzeria Margot in its 4 years of life has involved many artists and operators in the field of contemporary art. Carrozzeria Margot has seen its work, in addition to numerous independent productions, part of some important collective events such as: Start up @ ViaFarini DOCVA - Bureau (2013; Bureau for art nerds - Swiss Institute of Rome, Milan (2012); Danish Pavilion, 54. Venice Biennale; Artissima LIDO (2011). Unofficially CM's activities were interrupted in the spring of 2014. Officially Carrozzeria Margot announced the cessation of all activities on February 18, 2016 with GoodbyeGoodbuy auction at the Pharmacy of the Wurmkos Foundation, appointing quests lastly, the legal guardian of your archive.


Wurmkos is a visual arts laboratory founded in 1987 in Sesto San Giovanni; it is an open place, a "basagliana" experience that relates art and psychic distress without setting goals for salvation, in which artists, disadvantaged and not, critics, people who collaborate in the creation of works and texts enter into different projects. Numerous collective and personal exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. Among these: the Venice Biennale; Gwangju Biennial; Museum of Villa Croce, Genoa; The Milan Triennale; Pac - Pavilion of contemporary art, Milan; Palazzo Morando - Costume Moda Image, Milan. In 2011, the Wurmkos Foundation was established as a non-profit organization to protect the material and cultural heritage of the group and share it with the community. In 2011, Pasquale Campanella, one of the group's founders, received the Ciampi Award - L'altr'Arte for his work with Wurmkos.

L.A.M. (Laboratorio d’Arte Marmellata)

since 2009 has been performing artistic practices that make individual qualities visible even in collective projects. The artistic value is a common good, whose final product is born from a multiple process and the project does not aim at therapeutic integrations. Participation is open to anyone who wants to make an artistic experience, with an eye to the community. The laboratory, designed by the artists of the Observatory in Opera (Piero Almeoni and Paola Sabatti Bassini) is currently led by Piero Almeoni assisted by Sergio Magli. Born thanks to the Caritas of Orzinuovi, the project was accepted by the Nolli Foundation with Cooperativa Nuvola. Collaborations: "Go" Group, "Mafalda" Association, "Dimaù" Association and Fotoclub "New frontiers" of Orzinuovi, Students of the State Art School "M. Olivieri ”and Accademia LABA of Brescia.


The Education Department Merz Foundation contributes to the achievement of the Foundation's objectives by planning and implementing activities aimed at promoting and transmitting the social value that contemporary art and culture can represent.