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c/o careof

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c/o careof

BLAST • estetiche della violenza tra immagine, video e documento


Curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti

Curatorial advisors Beatrice Benedetti and Nina Fiocco

Assistant curator Giulia Costa

Promoted by Urbs PictaDecember 2020 - October 2021

BLAST is a research project promoted by the cultural association Urbs Picta. This project is made up of a well-structured program, with events and activities for young people and civil society, as well as the art system audience. It was created and curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti, with the curatorial consultancy of Beatrice Benedetti and Nina Fiocco and the curatorial assistance of Giulia Costa.

BLAST aims to widely and deeply explore the connection between  violence, document, and public truth through the medium of video. It focuses especially on video as a tool for documentation, research, and narrative reworking, dealing with the concept of violence as a moral, social, and political category and as a relative dimension, made up of gestures and explicit situations as well as subtle and disguised actions.

Taking into account some current art trends which use methodologies and research practices, and image, data, and information production from different fields such as forensic sciences, architecture, journalism, and activism, BLAST aims to develop a shared reflection on various ways of perceiving, analyzing, and elaborating power and violence episodes and dynamics individually as well as collectively, and on their digital representation.   

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IIn collaboration with AGIVERONA, ArtVerona, Careof, Cestim, Circolo del Cinema, Consorzio Sol.Co with WelfCare, Diplomart, Filema, Interzona, LOOP Barcelona, Palazzo Poste Verona, Parallelo42 contemporary art, Recontemporary, Seven Gravity Collection

With the support of Fondazione Cariverona

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Provincia di Verona, Comune di Verona, Academy of Fine Arts in Verona

Communication partner: Ashtart Consultancy
Media partner: Exibart