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c/o careof

Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof

Studio Careof • Fondazione Prada

22.10.2023, h 16.30 and h 18.00
29.10.2023, h 16.30
Cinema Godard, Fondazione Prada Milano

Cinema Godard - Fondazione Prada Milano presents two days of focus events devoted to the discovery of Careof and its Video Archive, as part of Studio, a section exploring the unprecedented contaminations between cinema and visual arts .

The works presented in the three programs aim to offer an overview of the Video Archive, active since 1987 and recognized in 2006 among the Historical Archives of national relevance by the Italian Ministry of Culture, and of the Italian artistic production in the field of moving image, from the early 1970s experimentations to the most recent productions by Careof. Indeed, throughout the years, Careof has not only increased the Archive by preserving artists’ works but also started and strengthened the production of new works.

22.10.2023, h 16.30

Starting with Alberto Grifi and his introduction to Anna, a lucid and current analysis of the role of film and art in representing reality, the artists presented in Program 1 explore the medium of video and its possibilities (Correnti Magnetiche, Paolo Gioli, Metamorphosi), reflect on the passing of time and the gaze (Valentina Berardinone, Michele Sambin), stage performative acts (Massimo Bartolini, Vanessa Beecroft, Grazia Toderi), transform the existing and create meta-cinema narratives (canecapovolto, Eva Marisaldi).

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22.10.2023, h 18.00

The second selection focuses on Italian production from the early 2000s to today. Reality strongly and inevitably penetrates the works which leave out any contemplative aspect and take on a political purpose. The rhythm is faster, languages intertwine and overlap (Marco Belfiore, Corinne Mazzoli, Rä di Martino, Marzia Migliora, Moira Ricci), current events lead to the exploration of sociopolitical topics (Riccardo Giacconi, Adelita Husni-Bey, Rebecca Moccia), attempts at utopian constructions are told (invernomuto, Enzo Umbaca), and documentary and fiction are hard to tell apart (Chiara Fumai, Elena Mazzi).

The screening will be followed by a talk held by Marta Bianchi, Marta Cereda and Paolo Moretti.

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29.10.2023, h 16.30

Selected Careof productions: the program presents the works of Martina Melilli, who explores the theme of migration by taking a closer look at items recovered from shipwrecks, Danilo Correale, who examines recent Italian history through film censorship, Giulio Squillacciotti, who investigates the value and meaning of European identity, and The Cool Couple, who analyzes the commodification of the living as a paradigm of contemporary society. The program ends with the question of openness to co-authorship and to the use of AI with Roberto Fassone.

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22.10.2023, H 16.30 - PROGRAM

Alberto Grifi, Introduction to Anna, 1976, 10’13’’, black and white, sound
Paolo Gioli, Figure instabili nella vegetazione, 1973, 6’37’’, black and white
Michele Sambin, Il tempo consuma, 1979, 5’20’’, black and white, sound
Valentina Berardinone, Euridice, 1979, 14'01’’, black and white
Metamorphosi, Dilatare, 1984, 4’, color, sound
Interview of Mario Gorni and Zefferina Castoldi by Alessandro Nassiri, 2023, 7’, color, sound
Massimo Bartolini, Il Frutto, 1990, 3’, color, sound
Correnti Magnetiche, Columbus Egg, 1992, 1’31’’, color, sound
Grazia Toderi, Zuppa dell'eternità e luce improvvisa, 1994, loop, color
Vanessa Beecroft, Play ,1995, 10’15’’, color, sound
canecapovolto, Evil Pop, 1997, 16’, color, sound
Eva Marisaldi, Legenda, 2002, 5’58’’ color, sound

22.10.2023, H 18.00 - PROGRAM

Moira Ricci, Ora sento la musica, 2007, 4’57’’, color, sound
Rä di Martino, August 2008, 2008, 5’7’’, color, sound
Marzia Migliora, Viddi la mia fortuna in alto mare, 2008, 2’50’’, color, sound
Chiara Fumai, The Girl with the Blanket, 2008, 4’4’’, black and white
Adelita Husni-Bey, Story of the heavens and our planet, 2008, 7’9’’, color, sound
Enzo Umbaca, Nameless, 2009, 4’37’’, color, sound
Invernomuto, Boomeria, 2011, 9’28’’, color, sound
Marco Belfiore, Clown White, 2012, 1’59’’, color, sound
Corinne Mazzoli, Tutorial #1: How to Get a Thigh Gap, 2013, 2’34’’ color, sound
Riccardo Giacconi, Due, 16’54’’, 2017-2019, color, sound
Elena Mazzi, The upcoming Polar Silk Road, 9’45’’, 2021, color, sound, The project was the winner of the open call Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere - Over 35 Category (MAECI-DGSP/MiC-DGCC, 2020). Courtesy of the artist and Collezione Fondazione Donnaregina per le arti contemporanee / museo Madre
Rebecca Moccia, Ministries of Loneliness, 2023, 17’, color, sound

29.10.2023, H 16.30 - PROGRAM

Martina Melilli, MUM, I’M SORRY, 2017, 17’, color, sound
Danilo Correale, They Will Say I Killed Them, 2017-18, 33’, color, sound
Giulio Squillacciotti, What has left since we left, 2020, 20’, color, sound
The Cool Couple, The Cute and The Useful, 2022, 17’, color, sound
Roberto Fassone, LZ, Ai Lai, The Doors, 2023, 6'3'', color, sound