27 May 2024 12:09:51
c/o careof

Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof

ISIA Urbino • Type & Context


h. 15.00-18.00

Organized by ISIA Urbino

Conference modereted by
Radim Pesko
Jonathan Pierini
Francesco Delrosso

Careof hosts Type & Context, a one-day event organized by ISIA Urbino that emphasizes the importance of context while offering a variety of perspectives on type design and typography. 

Invited practitioners will present their work and insights in order to explore both the possibilities and challenges of contemporary design.

As technologies are evolving along with society, experimenting with forms and processes allows us to reframe the discourse on type and typography.

While writing and typography are inextricably linked to history and culture, type design is too often understood as a highly specialized field within design. To broaden this perspective is to reevaluate the social and political implications of typography today.

Invited speakers are designers, educators, and researchers dealing with type design and typography in a number of ways. Their contributions will offer inspiring perspectives on how type and typography relate to and inform culture and society.

The lecturers:

Julia Born
"Aram: Dots, Commas, and Some Question Marks"

James Langdon
"Capital, the economical page, and reasoning type size or What’s the difference between 10 point and 10.001 point type?"

David Bennewith
"'Complex Preferences'", designing new graphic interfaces for the display of the ‘Oceania’ collections in the Museum of Civilizations, Rome

Linda van Deursen
"The Imprint of News. A visual history of women wearing the news"

Maki Suzuki (Åbäke)
"You are our type."

Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey
"On and in Meta: The Difference Between the Two Fonts"

The conference will be introduced and moderated for ISIA U by Radim Pesko, Jonathan Pierini, and Francesco Delrosso. 


ISIA Urbino is a school with a strong identity which can be summarised as workshop based with local area and regional bonds and focused on design’s political dimensions understood as a form of attention to its socio-economic implications. ISIA is a place in which to learn social commitment and cultural design practices.
In 1974 the school became an ISIA – Instituto Superiore per Industrie Artistiche (Institute of Higher Education in the Artistic Industries) joining the ranks of the AFAM – Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale (Higher Artistic and Musical Education) – which ensured it wide ranging educational autonomy and flexibility.
Today ISIA Urbino’s educational programme is an interdisciplinary one. The teaching body is made up of professionals of proven quality and diverse origins, from both Italy and abroad.
As a laboratory school ISIA Urbino can adapt easily to the changing contemporary scene making it an optimal place in which to develop and prototype new design professions, functions and economies.