18 June 2024 09:02:51
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c/o careof

Matteo Stocco • Metagoon

A project by Matteo Stocco
in conversation with Luca Coppola, Stefano Mudu, Alice Ongaro Sartori

12.09.2022, h 19.00

Careof presents “Metagoon” by Matteo Stocco, a way of studying and investigating the lagoon of Venice and the themes it is linked to.

The project was born in 2015 and consists of 48 hours of video archive which document different aspects of the lagoon ecosystem. It points out its traditions, knowledge, changes and contradictions, with a map where the limits are outlined by interviews, stories, and silent observations. 

Inside the Cattedrale di Fabbrica del Vapore, Matteo Stocco will investigate these topics thanks to a conversation with  Luca Coppola, Stefano Mudu, Alice Ongaro Sartori, starting from the evidence collected in many fields. Often, the protagonists are scientists involved in their research, professors in universities that developed projects of environment preservation and local people living their everyday life. 

Luca Coppola

Luca Coppola is Art Director and Graphic Designer, co-founder of AUT Design collective with Riccardo Berrone. He has an art background and he specializes himself in visual communication, especially developing projects of coordinated image and editorial design. All this, by keeping his interest in contemporary art, cultural promotion and research as strong as possible.

Stefano Mudu

Stefano Mudu is PhD in Visual Culture at the Università IUAV of Venice. His research mostly focuses on analyzing the practices of re-enactment for contemporary art, with a particular attention to their strategic use as a critical reinterpretation of history. Besides publishing several academic essays on the matter, he regularly writes for magazines like “Flash Art”. He is the author of "Spazi Critici. I luoghi della scrittura d’arte contemporanea" (Mimesis, 2018) and curator of the volume "Altrove. New Fiction" (bruno, 2020). Now he is part of "A Natural Oasis?" (2022–24), a transnational research program organized by BJCEM: it investigates the role of art practices in remote, marginal and island territories in the Mediterranean Sea. During the last two years, he worked as researcher in the curator team of "Il latte dei sogni", the exhibition curated by Cecilia Alemani for the 59. International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

Alice Ongaro Sartori

Alice Ongaro Sartori is an art historian and graduate student at the University of Hamburg. She worked as research assistant in the curator department of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and was also in charge of the public program of Ocean Space. She is also co-curator of the project Microclima.

Matteo Stocco

Matteo Stocco was born in 1986. He lives and works in Venice as a video maker and motion designer freelance. In 2012 he got a Master’s Degree in Comunicazioni Visive e Multimediali at the Iuav (Venice), with an interactive video-web prototype. In 2014 he founded with Matteo Primiterra the collective Kinonauts. His interest moves from building audiovisual products with cross-media features to making documentaries.