27 May 2024 10:45:28
c/o careof

Organizzazione non profit per l'arte contemporanea

c/o careof
Progetti Speciali

ArteVisione is a multi-year project in support of the creative talent promoted by Careof, no-profit organization for contemporary art founded  in 1987. ArteVisione has the aim to support the Italian art scene, enhancing creativity and offering opportunities for personal and professional growth to artists through the production and dissemination of a video work.

After our Archivio Video and, in general, the other archives we keep, ArteVisione is the longest running project we have, and maybe even one of the longest running in Italy’s contemporary art landscape.  We defended it strenuously, despite the economic crises, defaulting sponsors and many other difficulties that emerged during these 10 years (not least of all the global pandemic!). We tried and understand the  reason behind such tenacity. 
Already, a few years before ArteVisione was born, on several occasions Careof had been experimenting with the possibility of producing new video works. The most successful experience was, without any doubt, InContemporanea, an early-2000s project bound to  the Provincia di Milano, thanks to which we started experimenting as a  budding “film studio”, whose added value was a privileged relationship  with the world of artists and the great generosity and care that has  always characterized Careof. Once the InContemporanea project – unfortunately – ended, it was natural for Careof to start looking for ways to continue and develop  the experience we gained. The encounter with Sky Arte, which was taking place at the time, represented a precious occasion to cement  a long-cherished dream. Conceiving ArteVisione wasn’t easy nor immediate, as it meant merging together worlds and languages that, at  the time, seemed very distant to us: art and mainstream TV; a small –  though long-running – cultural association and an entertainment giant. One edition after the other, ArteVisione grew; every year, we tried and improved more and more what we offered artists, as well as  the quality of the workshops and professionals involved. Just as, in time, we tried new paths to implement the winning artists’ productions, for  instance through the Italian Council and MiC, thanks to which Giulio  Squillacciotti and The Cool Couple were able to expand their potentiality to the international scene. Here is the reason for such resilience, then: ArteVisione represents the perfect synthesis of Careof’s different souls. ArteVisione is scouting, with which we discover the new projects hundreds of emerging artists and professionals are working on every year; ArteVisione is high-level training, teaching artists how to analyse  and develop their projects from different perspectives, starting from a dialogue with professionals in the fields of video art and cinema; ArteVisione is the production of a new artwork – and sometimes even more than one – for each edition; ArteVisione is, lastly, time we spend  together, collectively discussing one’s work, poetics, and the highlights and shadows that characterize it – a chance to grow personally and  professionally, for Careof as much as for the artists who take part in it.