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Artevisione 2015 • Luca Trevisani

The second edition of ArteVisione focuses on the theme announced for 2015 by the Onu General Assembly: light and technologies based on light, considered in its many facets and implications of a scientific, cultural and social nature, from the telecommunications sphere to the medical, energy or environmental sectors. ArteVisione presents itself in a renewed form through a national competition announcement, and introduces a selection of experts for project evaluation.
The announcement addressed to artists under 35 will support the production of a video work, making available all the tools necessary for production and a study at FDV Residency Program, program of residencies for artists at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

The jury

Chiara Agnello - Careof artistic co-director, Milan
Anna de Manincor - Artist member of the ZimmerFrei collective
Cecilia Canziani - Co-artistic director of Nomas Foundation, Rome and co-curator of ZegnArt
Denis Isaia - Curator at Mart, museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto
Marzia Kronauer - Head of Internal Communication and CSR Sky Italia, Milan
Roberto Pisoni - Director of Sky Arte, Milan

The winner

Luca Trevisani was selected for the fascinating tribute to the light represented in his proposal, which is inspired by the modernist architecture of Villa Girasole, in the province of Verona, conceived between 1929 and 1935 to rotate 360​​° on its axis following the sun with an imperceptible but constant movement.

The artist created the work between December 2014 and May 2015 and the video produced was broadcast on Sky Arte HD (120 and 400 by Sky), to be broadcast later in festivals and artistic events.

The project

Curated by: Chiara Agnello, Careof
Production: Marta Bianchi, Careof
Project managers: Marzia Kronauer, Roberta Lissidini, Sky
Coordination: Rossella Terzolo, Careof

Sky Italia is the Italian media company controlled by Sky plc. Founded in 2003, its customer base has grown very rapidly and in September 2014 subscribers' families are 4 million and 700 thousand. Sky currently offers more than 170 thematic and pay-per-view channels, with a wide range of cinema, sports, news, entertainment and programs for children. Sky is the first Italian television to have broadcast in HD and live in 3D, and offers a package of over 60 channels in High Definition and a channel entirely dedicated to 3D programs. In addition, thanks to My Sky HD, you can easily record your favorite programs and access the Sky On Demand service, while with Sky Go it's available a wide selection of channels and on-demand content.
Artevisione is a project realized within the sphere of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities of Sky**. An area that is born from the desire to support concrete projects within the communities in which Sky lives and works, focusing in particular on the younger generations that are the future of the country. Sky follows the same principles that have always guided its presence in the Italian cultural industry and animates the commitment in favor of pluralism of information, of an attentive television to the needs of the little ones, of the cinema enhancement and of the best expressions of Italian art and creativity. This is why the company concentrates its energies on initiatives that can inspire people, supporting sports programs to improve life, aware of the importance of sport in the lives of children; promoting and enhancing art and creativity and helping young Italian talents to emerge; committing itself to raising Media Literacy through a project dedicated to schools; dedicating particular attention to the protection of the environment, through the promotion of virtuous behavior within it and using energy-efficient technologies. To be close to the little ones even in times of difficulty, Sky has equipped the hospitals and the main Italian pediatric departments with packages designed specifically for them. And with the raising funds launched on the occasion of major emergencies, it has supported initiatives able to generate an immediate impact on the life of the communities involved.

SKY ARTE HD , the first Italian television channel dedicated to Art in all its forms, is visible to all Sky subscribers (who have HD in their subscription) at positions 120 and 400 of the platform. Painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, theater, design and all forms of artistic expression find space in a single program dedicated both to enthusiasts, who have the opportunity to deepen their interests, both to the simple curious that can approach art in a new way through the great international productions (Sky Arts, BBC, Channel 4, Art, PBS, Sundance Channel) and the original ones of the channel. With a contemporary and never didactic language, which finds its narrative key in the contamination of genres, Sky Art HD tells the infinite resources of the world artistic heritage, with specific attention to the extraordinary Italian tradition and the talent of our artists. Sky Arte HD completes two years of programming totaling 142 original productions, for a total of 429 episodes and more than 168 hours realized. In these two years
The channel has promoted 45 cities in 17 regions and 200 different places of artistic interest, over 100 cultural events and more than 100 national artists; And through the art calendar it has given space to more than 3.500 cultural events on the Italian territory.

Presentation of "Cerchio" by Luca Trevisani at Museo del Novecento

Museo del Novecento, Sala Fontana
12> 21.02. 2016

Sky Italia and Careof, in collaboration with the Museo del Novecento experiences Cerchio di Luca Trevisani, winner of ArteVisione 2015.

The exhibition is open to the public from 12 to 21 February 2016 in Sala Fontana of Museo del Novecento, curated by Chiara Agnello, and Iolanda Ratti, curator of Museo del Novecento.

To The theme of the 2015 call - ispirated to the year dedicated at light - Luca Trevisani has answered with a film tribute to the modern architecture of Villa Girasole, in the province of Verona, and its special relationship with the sun. From here, through the involvement of the choreographer Michele di Stefano, Leone d'Argento at the 2014 Venice Biennale Danza, Trevisani proposes an intense investigation of the human condition and of the dialogical and specular relationship between light and time.

_Cerchio_ produced by **Careof** and **Sky** in collaboration with ** 99 film** and **Filmmaster**, will be broadcast in first sight on Sky Arte HD soon on Sky channels 120 and 400.

On the occasion of the work presentation, was announced the winner of ArteVisione 2016: Riccardo Giacconi**.


pro res HD 1920 x 1080 points
stereo 2 channels

Director: Luca Trevisani
Director of Photography: Edorardo Bolli
Executive Producer: Luca Legnani (999 Films)
Producer: Marta Bianchi (Careof)
Production Assistant: Mario Ciaramitaro
Assistant Operator: Andrea Cassina, Lorenzo Casadio
Video Assistant: Edoardo Gallizzi
technical staff: Emanuele Mestriner, Antonio Cirelli, Andrea Buzza
Machinist: Roland Klein
Sound engineer: Alessio Fornasiero, Lorenzo Dal Ri
Steady Operator: Diego Capelli
Drone: Spydron
Runner: Leonardo Solazzi
Photographers of Scene: Francesca Verga Francesco Mariani
Scenographer: Carlo Trevisani
Ass. Scenographer: Sebastiano Sofia
Costumes: Fabio Quaranta
Costume Designer: Francesca Natali, Alma Uggeri
Editing: Fabio Nunziata
Music: Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Sound mix: Lorenzo dal Ri
Technical material: D-Vision Italia
Color Grading: D-Color Italia
Colorist: Federico Belati

Michele Di Stefano
Alessandro Zanetti
Francesca Verga
Franco Farinelli
Radah Trentin