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c/o careof

ArteVisione 2018

ArteVisione 2018 presents two new ideas which shape the workshop of ArteVisione LAB as well: the call for entries is open to artists under 40 and it eliminates the theme of each edition of the past years. The limitation to 30 years of age of the participants is restrictive: the support for the development and production of a work can be necessary even at an advanced age.

The finalists of ArteVisione 2018 are: Fare Ala, Dario Bitto, Elisa Caldana, Nina Fiocco, Giulio Squillacciotti, Jacopo Miliani, Mali Weil.

Giulio Squillacciotti wins the 2018 edition. As stated in the jury’s explanations, the film project “What has left since we left” “generates a short circuit between present, past and possible futures: another time and space, suspended, where he cleverly projects some urges of contemporary history. Giulio imagines a film on the possible end of the European Community project in a lucid, topical manner and with a well-organised structure”. 


Careof, then, decides to present “What has left since we left” at the sixth edition of the call for entries “Italian Council of MiBACT’’, guaranteeing a subsequent wide-ranging international development to the project.

The ever growing film production is realised in collaboration with Kingswood Films of Maastricht, at the same time of an international partnership with Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht and the Museo Civico Castel Buono, in Palermo, which acquires the artwork in its collection.

Moreover, a book edited by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, dedicated to the project is published. In collaboration with Pane Arte e Marmellata, this book takes place during a cycle of educational workshops based on the European identity theme for schools in Milan. 

Limburg Film fonds, Brand Cultuur Fonds, Dommering Fonds, Stichting Kanunniken Salden, Everstory, Video Power, and Fondazione Cariplo contributed to the realisation.

A powerful and touching film which everybody can relate to and where the question “Who Do I Have To Be?” echoes and becomes a warning of responsibilities for new rethinking struggles and for the overcoming of what is now the European Union.



Maastricht, February 7th, 2032.

The last European Union members – Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands – meet in the Dutch city, forty years after the Maastricht Treaty (founding European Union as we know it today) in the same room of 1992, to sign the treaty who will end forever the European project, its common government, the community, its legislative union and – symbolically – its identity union.
The film shows that day and the conversation between the last three EU countries, which took place the exact moment before the signing of the treaty.

Technical data sheet
Year: [2018]2020
Running time: 20 '
Technical specifications: Single Channel Film 4k 1.33.1, Audio Stereo
Language: Dutch, English, French, German spoken
Production: Marta Bianchi, Lia Manzella (Careof), Bas Geelen, Vincent Konings (Kingswood Films)
Executive Producers: Bas Geelen, Vincent Konings (Kingswood Films)
With the support of: Italian Council (I), Limburg Film Fonds (NL)
Additional funds: Arte Visione Prize, Sky Arte (I), Brand Cultuur Fonds (NL), Dommering Fonds (NL), Kanunniken Salden (NL)
In partnership with: Everstory (BE) / Video Power (NL)


Lecture of Jordi Colomer
h: 6.30 p.m.

On the occasion of ArteVisione LAB, the artist Jordi Colomer (Barcelona, 1962) speaking with Martina Angelotti, will introduce his research and its recent progressions: from the project thought for “Manifesta 12 Palermo”, at the new interdisciplinary space "La Infinita”, inaugurated in Barcelona last 17th November.
The vision of the latest work “New Palermo Felicissima”, 2018, will follow (video 21 min, 16:9, loop, Stereo, master 4K).